Why We Are Who We Are

Many people do not know what a conveyancer (or solicitor) is going to do for them in their sale or purchase. All they know is they have been told they need a conveyancer.

Many people are time poor and even if they knew what to do they do not have the time. Just about everybody is very conscious of the costs involved, but do not be deceived.

The lowest priced conveyancer is not necessarily going to be the cheapest. When things do not go according to plan you may be very disappointed with the outcome and the resulting escalating costs.

Choosing a conveyancer with the appropriate knowledge and experience is often far more important than saving a small amount in a cheaper fee and/or skimping on investigatory searches. Wisdom is a wonderful thing.

Please ring me and I will be happy to talk through the process with you and explain what I as a conveyancer will do for you.

Even though there is not much you can do, you can be involved in the process or leave it all to me. Location is not a barrier today. With phones, fax machines and emails we are all a lot closer than we were not too many years ago.

Whether we like it or not, selling and buying property is stressy.

My team and I may not be able to take all the stress away but a cheerful voice coming from a professional competent conveyancer giving an answer to a problem can often help alleviate some of the strain.

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